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Currently there are some bugs using the online application on the following subjects:

  • You can't use the extensive search option (i.g. searching on two names doesn't work)
  • Sometimes the download button on a scan doesn't work
  • The button 'report error' doesn't work. If you want a report an error in the information provded please contact us using the contact form.

In the meantime we are migrating the information to a better available service, which is expected live in march 2017.

About the Digital Family Tree

The Digital Family Tree contains information about births, marriages and deaths from the 16th century to 1956 from the Registers of births, marriages and deaths and the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials.

Birth, marriage and death certificates are transferred to the municipal archive after 100 years, 75 years or 50 years respectively. All certificates may be viewed using microfiches or scanned copies in the reading room.

Marriage documentation

The Rotterdam City Archives has produced scanned copies of marriage documentation for the period of 1812-1852. These can be viewed using the Digital Family Tree service. Since 1812, citizens have been obliged to marry before the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Before the solemnisation of the marriage, the bride and bridegroom must submit the documentary evidence, known as marriage documentation [huwelijkse bijlagen]. This was the case for around 27,000 marriages.
The marriage documentation consists of copies of the bride and bridegroom’s birth certificates. Death certificates of any previous partners can also be found, as well as certificates of consent from parents to allow the marriage, if the bride or bridegroom were minors. Even information about the bridegroom’s physical features, such as the colour of his eyes, can be found in the marriage documentation, especially on certificates stating that the bridegroom had been conscripted to National Service. The period 1812-1852 has been selected, as the documents from this time offer the most interesting information. These in particular contain a great deal of information from the period in which civil registration was introduced (1811).

Corrections to the Digital Family Tree

Over time, various corrections have been made to the Digital Family Tree. It may well be the case that the information given in the past has since proved to be incorrect. We recommend that you re-examine the information in the Digital Family Tree once in a while.

If you discover any errors in the Digital Family Tree, we kindly request that you notify us of these, in order that we may continue to improve the quality of the Digital Family Tree service.

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