Find a person

The Rotterdam City Archives has multiple registers digitally available which should help you with your search. If you are looking for a specific person, please follow this link. This will lead you to our primary genealogical database.

go to our persons database

It contains:

  • The baptism-, marriage- and burial registries for the period 1573-1811.
  • The birth-, marriage-, and death records for the period 1811-1962
  • The population register, amongst which the household schedules in the period 1850-1940.

The database aims to make all content related to the registers digitally available. Much of the data has been generated through employees and volunteers of the Rotterdam City Archives as well as through a crowdsourcing project ‘VeleHanden’. In some cases, the content is also available as a scan and these are free to download. If there are no images for your search available, you can view the material in our reading room in Rotterdam.