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Bouwdossiers en pandkaarten

Search here through building plans by address of buildings in Rotterdam up to October 2010. Here you will find descriptions of building files present in the Rotterdam City Archives and scans if digitized.


Search by address
Always search via advanced search by street name and house number without addition. This way you can also search within house number ranges in the case of apartments.

Did not find what you are looking for?

View the overview of construction drawings on our website (Dutch only) to see whether we have the building plans  for the property you are looking for. If in doubt, please contact us.

View non-digitized files

Visit the Rotterdam City Archives to view building plans if they have not yet been digitized. Make an appointment in advance so that the plans are waiting for you on the selected date. Or request a building plan yourself in advance by clicking on the request icon (folder icon) and select 'ik heb nog geen bezoekerspas'. 

271.958  bouwdossiers en pandkaarten